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Anonymous pondered: Where can I buy my daughter shoes like the ones Avery wears

Most of the shoes I’ve posted about so far are from Nordstrom, so that would be a good place to start. I’m sure you can find similar looking shoes at any shoe store, though.

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Anonymous pondered: Do you know where she got those adorable ankle booties that she wears often? They're tan or black with a fold at the top and I believe a tassle on the zipper.

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Girls’ Soho Stripe DressSplendid

Girls’ Soho Stripe Dress

Anonymous pondered: Btw, love this blog. Can you please find the dress that Avery wore. It's navy and pink. I told all me friends about this blog and they love it. We talk about it everyday!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making this blog it's such a creative idea.

I’m about to post it now.

Thank you! I’m glad you all like it :)

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AQUA Girls’ Mini Triangle Print RomperBloomingdale’s

Thanks Anon, and to G for posting about the outfit as well.

AQUA Girls’ Mini Triangle Print Romper

Thanks Anon, and to G for posting about the outfit as well.

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Geometric Print LeggingsGapKids

Requested by Anon. Image Credit (x)

Geometric Print Leggings

Requested by Anon. Image Credit (x)

Anonymous pondered: Did you see G in Win, lose or draw? She wore the cutest pants ever and I would LOVE to have some clothing that G also has. Love the blog. I am obsessed with this blog and I can't believe I'm actually writing a letter to you right now!!! Thank you!!!

I’m making a post right now - hopefully I got the pair you were looking for.
If you go to you can see some of G’s things that I’ve already found.

Aw, and thank you! I love when people write to me, you’re all so sweet :)

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Anonymous pondered: just wondering but do u have an insagram

No, I don’t. If you see Fashionable-Avery posts on Instagram, it’s not me.

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Pink Cable Knit SweaterGapKids

Image credit (x) Sorry I couldn’t find a better product image

Pink Cable Knit Sweater

Image credit (xSorry I couldn’t find a better product image

Ella Moss Girls’ Harper TunicBloomingdale’s

Ella Moss Girls’ Harper Tunic